Hello, I’m the Co-founder of Afriktrip, an online marketplace for travelers to find and book tours, activities, and things to do in African countries for the holiday. These tours and activities are organised by local tour guides and operators.

As a  ↗️, I have built a lot of products to solve either my own problems or the problems of others over the last 3 years. The most notable of them was Cralocs — featured on ProductHunt #5. Cralocs was an online film location rental platform, you can think of it as the Airbnb for Film Locations. …

Saying that the year 2020 has been very very crazy is an understatement. However, in the midst of all these, there are lots of things that happened to me personally which I love to share — we've taken in lots of bad stuff this year, so I am just going to focus on the positives.

My Year in Review is kinda a ritual I have done over the last three years, you can check out my here and my here. Welcome to this year's review, let’s get into it. …

At a moment of historic volatility in American politics, these four women decide to fight back, setting themselves on a journey that will change their lives and country forever. Without political experience or corporate money, they build a movement of insurgent candidates challenging the powerful incumbents in Congress. Their efforts result in a legendary upset —

Knock Down The House | Netflix

The words above are those of the producer of the Netflix documentary — This movie documents the journey of four amazing women, , , , and who…

Photo Credit: Michel Lensink

In Nigeria, if a person in a position of authority tells you that something isn’t possible, trust me, they are most likely lying to you. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is possible in Nigeria, it is just that you are not worth the effort.

A person in a position of authority is anyone whose input is needed at a particular point in time. This person, need not to be at the top e.g. the Personal Assistant to the Minister of Petroleum, is a person of authority in the face of on oil marketer looking for a contract, an immigration officer irrespective of…

Broad Street. Photo Credit — Jubril Gawat

Early into my technology internship days, I stumbled on Benjamin Dada's internship series blog-post on medium and after reading, I decided that I was going to write mine also. So here it is, kindly read and enjoy it.


My name is Ibukunoluwa, a final year student at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria. I’m a student in the Department of Computer Science.

In October 2019, I had the privilege of interning at one of the largest financial institutions in Nigeria called First City Monument Bank Limited. FCMB is a full-service banking group in Nigeria, offering retail banking, corporate banking…

Afriktrip partners are tour guides and operators that sell the tours and activities they organize on the Afriktrip website and partners are expected, to have a registered tour business and organize tours and activities in African countries. This blog post aims at outlining the steps with pictures, that need to be carried out in order for you to start listing your tours and activities on Afriktrip.

Africa is home to 1.2 Billion people, living in 54 countries, speaking 2000 different languages and spread across over 3000 tribes with diverse cultures and traditions. Africa is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, wonderful climate, rich culture and tons of tourist attractions ranging from the Safaris across Eastern Africa to the Pyramids and Museums in Egypt, to the Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, to Lake Victoria in Zambia, to the Point of No Return in Lagos, Nigeria, to Idanre Hills in Ondo, Nigeria, to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and many more exciting places.

There is always something to do…

Official Photograph for 2019

This is another episode of my yearly review which I started last year, inspired by the wonderful .

As I did last year, I am going to writing about the wonderful stuffs I got to do last year and some of the L’s I took in 2019. This is ranging from the book I read, to the skills I learnt, activities and the new things I did in 2018 etc. This is my own little way of bragging, looking back and patting myself in the back for a wonderful year.

This year, I got to read eleven books centred…

The title is actually supposed to be “No Sidon Look”. Sidon Look is a word in pidgin English, defined as a state of hopelessness to some people, to others it may mean — Let the sleeping Dog lie or let them do what they want, after all “What is my business? it doesn’t concern me”. This Sidon Look attitude cuts across all possible sectors of Nigeria — be it politically, socially, economically, gender wise etc.

Last Friday, I had a conversation that led to an argument with one of my roommates, and this is an argument I will keep having…

A fan of the People’s Democratic Party 2019 Presidential flagbearer H.E Atiku Abubakar campaign slogan. His GNWA — Get Nigeria Working Again slogan models the POTUS Donald Trump’s famous MAGA — Make America Great Again. Ironically, America has always been great, and Nigeria has never really worked. Maybe before I was born, Nigeria was great but not in my almost two decades have I seen a working Nigeria.

Co-Founder of Afriktrip, Software Developer, and Student Representative

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